In any serious constitutional democracy, the implementation and development of the constitution benefits greatly from scholarly research. Because Kenya has, for a long time been a sham constitutional democracy, there has been little scholarly research on constitutional matters. KI undertakes research on topical constitutional issues, especially for purposes of enriching the constitutional implementation process but also as a means of fostering a culture of constitutional research in Kenya.

Education on the Constitution

KI education programmes are intended to deepen Kenyans understanding of constitutional issues, both local and in comparative sense. It also educates Kenyans on how to use the various mechanisms of participation provided for by the constitution to achieve its proper implementation.

Constitutional Litigation and Public Participation

KI plays a prominent role in what might be called “implementation by the people”. The constitution provides facilities and procedures by which people can take responsibility for and safeguarding the implementation of the constitution. It also seeks people’s direct involvement in seeking the realization of the various objects of the constitution. This is achieved through, among others, public interest litigation, drafting petitions and opinions, including critiques on proposed legislation and governmental policies.