In 2013, Katiba Institute published a book: Ethnicity, Nationhood and Pluralism: Kenyan Perspectives, with the support of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa.

This book can be found here by clicking on this link and more information can be found at the Global Centre for Pluralism Website

Eventually, the intention is to produce another book. Meanwhile, we are putting chapters/papers as they are written on the KI website. This enables the work to be accessed by interested readers as soon as possible, and gives a chance to those readers to comment on these first versions, and the authors may be able to revise their chapters in the light of those comments before final publication.KI is pursuing the same broad theme, again with the support of the Global Centre, in this new project—part of a broader project on implementation of the Constitution. Provisionally we call it “The Constitution, Diversity and Unity”. The idea is to explore further the theme of unity through diversity in the Constitution of Kenya, and what has happened in these respects since the Constitution came into force in 2010—and since the system of county government, with powers devolved to 47 sub-national government came into effect in 2013.

If you wish to comment, on any part of this project, please feel free to write to or send a tweet through @KatibaInstitute. The office will pass your message on to the  relevant person/people. It would help if you indicate in the subject line that you want to send a comment on a particular chapter or item or to a particular person.

We are also sharing some of the resources on the topic, or links to resources, for users of the site who have a research interest of their own on the topic.


Papers already available

County governance and pluralism [click here for abstract and here for full text]

Author: Conrad M Bosire   

 Culture and Pluralism  [ click here for abstract and here for full text]

Authors: Lotte Hughes, Celia Nyamweru and Steve Ouma Akoth

Language   [click here for abstract and here for full text]

Author: Jill Cottrell Ghai

Religion and Pluralism in the Constitution [click here for abstract and here for full text]

Author: Professor Susan F. Hirsch

State Services, Inclusion and Pluralism [click here for abstract and here for full text]

Author: Ben Nyabira