The Lamu County Bio-Cultural Community Protocol (Lamu BCP) is the work of many hands and minds. It is a communal document that lays out the traditional knowledge and indigenous methods of natural resource management of the diverse communities who claim Lamu as their ancestral home,the communities include the Orma, Sanye, Aweer, Bajun and the ‘Swahili’. While the Bajun are usually considered to be a part of the Bantu Swahili ethnic group, as the largest subset of the Swahili. The BCP is based on self-identification of the communities rather than academic definitions. In Lamu, the Bajun, compared to other ethnic group have more distinct livelihoods from other Swahili groups,especially in Lamu and Manda Islands and for the purposes of distinction, the Bajun are described separately in this BCP and identified as a distinct ethnic group for the ease of differentiation.

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