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May 2020

  1. Citizens, politicians have different conceptions of political parties 
  2. Do we need a state of emergency and what does it mean?
  3. Constitutional Relations between China and Hong Kong

April 2020

  1. Brutality: Police give us far more cause to resent and fear than to respect them
  2. How to understand the message of the Constitution
  3. DPP cannot be directed what to do, but must act constitutionally 
  4. Constitution relations between China and Hong Kong

March 2020

  1. Truth, justice needed for victims of rights violations
  2. Constitution has failed to produce true political parties, so will BBI
  3. Why there is suspicion 14 regions proposal is all about jobs for politicians

February 2020

2019 Katiba Corner Articles 

December 2019

  1. Neither BBI nor debate on it is strengthening democracy
  2. Options to Nairobi leadership crisis after Sonko charging
  3. Senators have shown little regard for their profession’s ethics, constituents and Constitution
  4. Constitutions and what politicians do to them

 November 2019

  1. Okoa Mombasa! Okoa Kiambu! Do the counties need saving?
  2. Hong Kong and the betrayal by China
  3. Why counties need to increase investment in climate change, disaster risk reduction

October 2019

  1. Business, not just government, must respect human rights;
  2.  Citizen, dual citizen, citizen by birth explained;
  3. Waiting for BBI: A new system with or without a referendum?;
  4. How to impeach a president or governor. Understanding the parliamentary system

September 2019

  1. High Court decision on demos offends constitutional right of assembly;
  2. Public access to law is important, and Kenya is a leader;
  3. Ethnicity in politics and society;
  4. Interesting week for parliamentary systems of government.

August 2019
          Proposal to have police, NIS, DPP in Power of Mercy panel misconceived, unconstitutional ;

  1. Houses of Parliament should be viewed as equals and collaborate;
  2. Courts are trying to wrestle with the Constitution and its impact on the law;
  3. Houses of Parliament should be viewed as equals and collaborate.

July 2019

  1. Would you like to recall your MP, Senator or MCA?;
  2. Is Thirdway Alliance’s proposal to change the law constitutional?
  3. We need holistic view of the Constitution to understand responsibilities of MPs and the SRC;
  4. Abortion where mother’s health is at risk is a right

June 2019

  1. New database to help document ‘fight against corruption’ in courts
  2. Mwende Mwinzi: What does the law say about public service and dual nationals?
  3. Why the Constitution is not like a computer programme;
  4. Has the Constitution failed or it’s the implementers? Kenyans have their say

May 2019

  1. The military is not (or should not be) some law-free zone 
  2. A Snapshot: Quest for implementation of the two-thirds gender rule in courts,
  3. Open memo to Justice committee on amending Article 90,
  4. For policies to succeed, they must be constitutional and based on careful thought

April 2019

  1. State must pay special attention to minorities’ needs,  
  2. In defence of Court of Appeal over age of consent,  
  3. It is the politics, stupid: (Not) Kenya Style,
  4. Is Kenya a beneficiary or victim of Chinese Belt and Road Initiative?

March 2019

  1. Whoever you are, wherever you are, water is your human right
  2. Kenyans have become victims of their ‘leaders’
  3. Promise and betrayal of the Constitution;
  4. Okoa Kenya mess reborn as Punguza Mizigo.

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