Katiba Institute (KI) was set up to promote knowledge and understanding of Kenya’s Constitution and constitutionalism, and to defend and facilitate implementation of the Constitution. Established in 2011, KI works on many areas of the Constitution including issues of leadership and integrity, human rights, devolution, gender, electoral issues, as well as environment, land misappropriation, evictions of indigenous people and other long-term settlers, and protection against illegality and harassment by the police. It main methods of working are litigation, research and publication, civic education and awareness, mixed with some activism. KI also works to foster the spirit of constitutionalism in the East African region by promoting exchange of academic discourse on constitutional issues and by working with like-minded organizations to secure greater freedoms in the East African Region.


Social transformation through constitutionalism.


To entrench constitutionalism through research, public interest litigation and promoting public participation.


Constitution as an instrument of change.


KI’s philosophy is hinged on the full implementation of the Constitution and the establishment of a culture of constitutionalism in Kenya’s society. KI believes that proper implementation of the Constitution would solve many of Kenya’s challenges such as corruption, tribalism, state-sponsored violence, and the rich-poor disparity, leading to greater rule of law and respect for human rights, more transparent and accountable leadership, good governance and eventually a more just society.